SC Freiburg – Dreisamstadion

10th June 1987
Zweite Liga
SC Freiburg 1 v 1 Fortuna Koln
Atendance: 2,200
This was the first German ground I visited, back in 1987 and it has left a lasting impression. I have vivid memories of a warm summers day walking through a field, to see in front of me what looked like a glass stand, with the trees behind it. There were no seats, it was just glass rising into the forest, surrounding the stand. This image has remained in my mind for all these years. Having put this site together I tried to find some confirmation of this. Alas nothing of a glass stand.
However, Freiburg is known as a solar city and the person behind it all Rolf Disch has renamed the stadium – Mage Solar Stadion. Just maybe then I had some sort of premonition, as I visited in 1988 and he didn’t do this until 1993!
Looking through these photos I trust you can see what I mean, as the glass on the sides and at the top of the stand reveal the trees behind.
The aerial view also shows the solar panels which were installed after my visit.

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