Mohammad Bin Zayed Stadium

January 20th 2007
Gulf Cup
Kuwait 2 v 1 Oman
You may already be familiar with this stadium as it features elsewhere. Firstly in my coverage of The Gulf Cup 2007 and also in The Beautiful Frame.
The shell exterior had not been finished when I went to my first match at the stadium, but it didn’t matter they had created something which was simple yet effective, but not only did the stadium look good from the outside, but inside as well, it was neatly laid out with a reasonable small main stand, but surrounded by three larger stands. With the seats in the colours of the hosts Al Jazira. On their website Al Jazira modestly proclaim it as a remarkable wok (sic) of architecture.
I can confirm that it is a remarkable work of architecture. So impressed, I returned two years later for the FIFA World Club Championship and found that they had added another tier to three sides a residential tower on two corners, increasing the capacity to 45,000.  All in keeping with the original design.


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