Best Atmosphere

South Korea
If you didn’t view the video of South Korea v Italy (in my best games) then you missed out on 120 minutes of fanaticism. Just listen to the enthusiasm they show and you’ll understand why South Korea is in this list. I have also seen them  a number of other times and the supporters always create a good atmosphere.

My first visit to the Luigi Ferarris was for a night game against lowly Reggina, I was won over by the ultras in the  Gradinata Sud, couldn’t stop laughing when I heard them singing their version of “Do you think I’m Sexy”.  ( I am still searching for this! Obviously it must originate from the visit of Scotland in 1990 for their World Cup group matches at the stadium). I am sure the words were completely different, but I don’t know for sure!.

So impressed I returned to see them play Roma a few years later. I wasn’t let down, great atmosphere and a great match (see Totti’s goal at 8.06)

Independiente (Argentina)
Couldn’t believe it when I managed to find video footage of the game I attended. just listening to the commentary tells you the evening was a special one. My lasting memory is getting on the collectivo (local bus) on the way home at midnight with everyone jumping up and down and singing on the bus. Great night.

St Pauli
It was in the mid-1980s that St. Pauli’s transition from a traditional club into a “Kult” club began. The club was also able to turn the location of its ground in the dock area part of town, near Hamburg’s famous Reeperbahn — centre of the city’s night life and its red-light district — to its advantage. An alternative fan scene emerged, built around left-leaning politics, social activism and the event and party atmosphere of the club’s matches. Supporters adopted the skull and crossbones as their own unofficial emblem. St. Pauli became the first team in Germany to officially ban right-wing nationalist activities and displays in its stadium in an era when fascist-inspired football hooliganism threatened the game across Europe. In 1981, the team was averaging crowds of only 1,600 spectators: by the late 1990s they were frequently selling out their entire 20,000-capacity ground.

I was lucky enough to get a complimentary ticket to see St Pauli. But not only did I get in for free.  The hospitality had to be seen to be believed. Free beer delivered to your seat. I kid you not.

Now this was before the hot dog train arrived.

Never mind all that St. Pauli’s is one place that every football supporter should visit to sample the atmosphere.


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