Wednesday 21st June

Mannheim, Munich

Group C FIFA WM Stadion München 21.00

Côte D’Ivoire v Serbia & Montenegro

Arriving at the surreal setting of the Allianz Arena in Munich, thunder & lightning had turned what was thought to be a futuristic stadium into what looked like one large dirty tyre scarring the distant landscape. Everyone ran to the entrances and the usual attractions were bypassed as people found shelter.   Once the rain subsided and the lights were switched on the stadium did indeed look like the futuristic image we have all seen. Once again the locals had chosen their team. This time Côte D’Ivoire, and after their usual start conceding goals, they fought back to reward those locals decked out in a colour that the Germans normally have an aversion for.   Chants of Serbia were heard, but there was no mention of Montenegro from the East European crowd.