Friday 30th June

Quarter Final Olympiastadion Berlin 17.00

Germany v Argentina


After two days when you would not have known there was a Football competition going on, the supporters are back, the city of Berlin was packed and everyone was wearing their colours. The streets would soon be packed with the masses and they would gather wherever they could to see the game as part of a crowd. In addition to the Fan Fest and the TV’s in bars I also noticed that several cinemas were showing games live on big screens for free.   Went to the game early as we needed a ticket for one member of our party. The price at the main station was €500 earlier in the day but now in the early afternoon it was down to €300.  Just as well because we wanted a ticket for €150. The Germans have a more realistic view, than supporters from other countries, of the prices paid for football tickets and will not pay ridiculous sums. Thanks to this the price indeed comes down and the ticket is ours.   After the match people declared that they were nervous about Michael Ballack taking a penalty, but then someone added “…. but he is not Chris Waddle or Gareth Southgate”.  After the discussion about the game it was time to party  (so Menne told me). We headed for Berlin Zoo and the Breitscheidplatz the former centre of West Berlin. As we poured out of the S-Bahn we could  hear the cars on the street below. The area was almost at a standstill as every car appeared to have someone hanging out a window waving a flag. The party consisted of drinking lots of bottled beer on the streets as the Germans launched into one song after another, while the traffic was going nowhere the cars rocked from side to side as the occupants joined in.   After spending some time in East Berlin, I headed to my digs to pick up my belongings in time to make the train for my final game of this trip.