Friday 23rd June

Stuttgart, Berlin, Hannover, Berlin

Group H Olympiastadion Berlin 16.00

Ukraine v Tunisia

Group G FIFA WM Stadion Hannover 21.00

Switzerland v Korea Republic

Stories of concern in the press here, have centred around a bear walking around Germany without shorts on. A bear with shorts on. Ludicrous. A bear wearing a football shirt. Ridiculous.   I believe I may have seen this bear and am further concerned that all they can talk about is the missing shorts. In Munich I could swear he was wearing a raincoat, possibly to try and mingle with the rest of the crowd as everyone was soaked on the 10 minute walk to the stadium, what’s more he even got hold of the microphone and started addressing the crowd in English.   And all they talk about is the shorts?   At every single game I have attended there has been a friendly party atmosphere with everyone joining in the fun. Most games have seen fans all to eager to join in with the Mexican wave, the one exception I am aware of was the  Switzerland v Korea Republic game where both sets of supporters were on the edge of their seats and spent their time urging their teams on. Although I understand that the Koreans are now making waves as they complain, correctly as I saw it at the time, about the refereeing. (Unfortunately replays of the move leading to the second goal show the ball being deflected off a defenders foot into the path of Frei, the second goalscorer.)