Saturday 10th June

Saturday 10th June Münster. Hamburg.

Group C FIFA WM Stadion Hamburg 21.00

Argentina v Cöte D’Ivoire


Noticed the World Cup mascots from 1974 at the train station in Münster. Is it Tipp and Tapp? I can’t remember. The only thing I can remember is that only one team at that particular tourmanent remained unbeaten!

Once again the train leaving Münster was delayed by five minutes. What is happening to the trains?

Arrived in plenty of time for the day’s football and headed out to a small Portugese cafe where I was informed that the lady that ran the establishment was named Portugese fan of the 2002 World Cup. I could see why, as her hair was dyed red and green and her nails were complete with the Portugese flag painted on each one.img_0290_2

Making your way to the ground from Stellingen you pass through a large park. People(!) were seen on bikes, with mobile phones and placards asking for tickets, they are now so brazen that they are asking for tickets for any match, enquiries again revealed a price of €200, but desperation was setting in as they would then ask how much are you willing to pay.


The game itself was enjoyable as the Ivory Coast team played with speed, stamina, flair that a lot of teams would find difficult to match. At the African Cup of Nations they had worked on containing sides and I thought that if they played in this way their games would be very tight as it was obvious that they could stop other teams. Now they had added flair and were regularly intercepting the ball and causing Argentina great problems. Unfortunately Argentina got the first goal and the Ivory Coast thought they had to reply immediately. The 4-4-2 that they started with went out the window and sure enough while they were pressing and creating more chances with players out of position they were caught on the counter attack.

The Ivory Coast team played so well, you even felt sorry for Drogba when he complained that an Argentinian had dived.

Later on that evening I declined an invitation to stay out on the Reeperbahn until the 5a.m train to Nürnberg as I had to meet a Mexican friend at the train station at noon. I figured this would be too much, and so I left to get a few hours sleep before my next journey.