Gulf Cup U.A.E. 2007

The 18th Gulf Cup was to be held in the United Arab Emirates. The competition was founded  in 1968 and is held approximately every two years, between eight Gulf Nations. Knowing very little about football in this part off the world I decided it was time to find out a little more…

Preparation for this trip had been troublesome, all the hotels on the Internet appeared overpriced, so I booked accommodation for my first few days and decided to make my itinerary up as I went along. Tickets for the football games were also a mystery as the official website was only sporadically updated and despite numerous requests to them asking how to obtain tickets no information was forthcoming. When I noticed Etihad the National airline whom I was traveling with were sponsoring the event, I also contacted them but to no avail.

The competition started on Wednesday 17th January, I struggled vainly, whilst still at home to find information about the game but could find very little other than the fact that the hosts had lost against Oman and that bottles had been thrown onto the pitch.

I flew out on the Friday, due to arrive in time for the next round of games in the tournament. So off I set, not really knowing what to expect.


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