Euro 2012 Poland/Ukraine

As ever I thought I might apply for tickets when they first went on sale back in March 2011. I put in a request for three games (and the Final) based on a short trip to Poland.
Unfortunately this was the reply I got
Dear Football Supporter,
Customer reference number: 310128830
Unfortunately your application has not been successful in the lottery for tickets for UEFA EURO 2012™.
It is possible that further tickets may become available for sale at a later stage, or you might be able to buy tickets via the ticket resale platform in July 2011.
If you are still interested please regularly visit the UEFA EURO 2012™ ticket portal
You have not been successful in the lottery, therefore you do not have make any payment.
If you are able to purchase tickets at a later stage, please be aware that we always send out payment instructions for bank transfers exclusively by post. Please also for further information.
Best regards,

UEFA EURO 2012™ ticketing team

After returning from summer holiday in 2011 I saw that the resale platform was about to open. Allegedly people who no longer want their tickets resell that back to UEFA (at a discounted price) and UEFA resell them (at a profit). OK I have to pay 10% more for the ticket but if it means I chance to get tickets………..I’ll have a go.
So I tracked the website and started to accumulate tickets. It did however seem strange that there appeared to be tickets available in batches. It made me wonder if these tickets really had been sold in the first place. But UEFA have issued statements at different times stating that all tickets have been sold….haven’t they?
Anyway now I have a two week journey around Poland and Ukraine planned for the tournament taking in nine games and six cities. 
I am looking forward to the atmosphere in the sold out stadiums.
Oh, look what I see on the UEFA website today 2nd June…tickets available

In the section below you will find an overview of all matches for which tickets are currently available.

To review your previous orders, to track your shipment or to update your personal details or the details of your guests please click on My Account.

Available Matches

  • JUNE0918:00SAT


    Match 3 – NED vs DENMetalist Stadium Kharkiv
  • JUNE1018:00SUN


    Match 5 – ESP vs ITAArena Gdansk
  • JUNE1118:00MON


    Match 7 – FRA vs ENGDonbass Arena Donetsk
  • JUNE1218:00TUE


    Match 9 – GRE vs CZEMunicipal Stadium Wroclaw
  • JUNE1318:00WED


    Match 11 – DEN vs PORArena Lviv
  • JUNE1518:00FRI


    Match 16 – UKR vs FRADonbass Arena Donetsk
  • JUNE1520:45FRI


    Match 15 – SWE vs ENGOlympic Stadium Kyiv
  • JUNE1720:45SUN


    Match 20 – DEN vs GERArena Lviv
  • JUNE1720:45SUN


    Match 19 – POR vs NEDMetalist Stadium Kharkiv
  • JUNE1920:45TUE


    Match 23 – ENG vs UKRDonbass Arena Donetsk
  • JUNE1920:45TUE


    Match 24 – SWE vs FRAOlympic Stadium Kyiv
  • JUNE2320:45SAT


    Match 27 – QF – WC vs RDDonbass Arena Donetsk
  • JUNE2420:45SUN
    Select tickets
    Match 28- QF – WD vs RCOlympic Stadium Kyiv
    So it’s not too late you can still join me, but watch out UEFA have recently complained about profiteering in both countries 

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