Rabat – Sightseeing

Monday was a free day, and with rain falling decided to go to The Contemporary Art Museum and The Archaeological Museum. After that the sun came out so I took advantage of this and visited the gardens of Chellah, an ancient site which was much more interesting than the Archaeological Museum.

Due to all the rain in Rabat on Saturday, Tuesday’s game has been moved to Marrakech. I have been reliably informed that all I need to do is present my ticket for Rabat in Marrakech and I will get in no problem!

Angelo, with his glasses on and red and white football scarf was introducing himself to a new arrival. She looked at him and said “Harry Potter”.


In the evening a group of us from the hostel went for a meal at a nearby restaurant. We were greeted upon entering and had hot water poured over our hands (bear in mind that I have had only cold showers) this small gesture was greatly appreciated. We ordered five different meals. No idea what I ate but it was very enjoyable. The waiters in traditional dress performed their party trick of pouring hot water from above their head in to a cup on a tray. As we left we had our hands cleansed with scented water.


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