Map of Peru


All went to plan as I hopped on planes to travel the country going first from  Lima to Arequipa, back to Lima, up to Chiclayo, and then caught the bus down to nearby Trujillo.


On the night of the Peru v Colombia  game (12th) news filtered through that there may be a problem. Unaware of the situation I hoped that this was just a rumour. The receptionist at my hotel seemed to be taking this seriously and said he would leave a message at reception in the morning, as he felt that there would be no planes and that I would be wasting my time going to the airport.


Sure enough I got up before 7a.m. and went straight to reception to be told that all flights through Aero Continente had been suspended , with no news as to when they would start again.


So due to Aero Continente operations being suspended with the founder Fernando Zevallos on trial for drug trafficking and money laundering charges my whole schedule was to be altered.


The trips I had planned were impossible by land. Although flights were operating through a different carrier these were going to be greatly in demand and I didn’t fancy paying out again or the prospect of being stuck at the airport, if they were already fully booked.


I travelled that day to Piura and took in the double header which included Argentina v Uruguay, and then made my way by bus from Piura to Lima, Lima to Nazca and finally Nazca to Tacna in time for the game there on the 18th. Thankfully the flights resumed around the 23rd meaning that I could get back from Macchu Pichu and the 3rd Place play off in Cuzco to Lima for the final the next day.



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