The Journey

Made it to Heathrow in plenty of time for Flight MH1 or alternatively AA7434, I think I would rather it was known as the latter.

Comforted by the prayer displayed on the back of the seat in front “unto Allah we will return.” In case you didn’t know it was many years ago when my parents first called me a right Charlie.

Apparently the plane a A380-800 has a fuel capacity 84,600 uS gallons range 15,400 km, now that must be useful for Top Trumps.

The plane arrived in Kuala Lumpur on time and I made my way through the terminal and made the connecting flight with ease despite there only being an hour between landing and departure.

After check in an Australian immigration was asking people questions about there visit. I managed to avoid them. The main reason being I know they are worried about Ebola and that they ask the question “Have you been to Africa in the last twenty one days?” Being an honest soul I would always give the honest answer. So if I was asked in London the Answer would be yes. If I was asked in Kuala Lumpur the answer would be yes. Now ask me when I arrive in Sydney ( after we have put the clocks forward 11 hours… I would ask what the date was and would be told the 13th. I left Morocco on the 21st December 22 days ago. ( Except for the fact that for me it was still the 12th and that would have entitled me to a preliminary examination!)

Breezed through Australia’s automated immigration without questioning. My next task was to get the train into Sydney I knew it was worthwhile purchasing a travel card and enquired where I could buy one from “We have a convenience store, called WH Smith”

Upon arrival in the city, it felt strange seeing the cars on the left hand side of the road with the street layout and signs making it look like America. Whilst the pedestrians were very European, in that they were reluctant to cross the road without a green man on display.


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