Men at Work!

My first meeting (well actually the only one arranged) was for my first day in Sydney for Oma v Australia was with my good friend John who I frequently see on my travels. He has already been out here for three weeks, so he was able to give me some useful tips.

John is now retired, but fills his time travelling the world watching football ( sound familiar?). He operates a website and has a press pass on the back of this. The website… African Soccer News.

Now, hold it there. The website is African Soccer News and he is in Australia covering the A-League and the Asian Cup whilst The African Cup of Nations is about to begin in Equatorial Guinea!

Later that day outside Sydney Olympic Stadium I met Dave, again I frequently see him on my travels. He is a press photographer.

Well he has the pass with the Accreditation to go pitch side. However, he was left somewhat embarrassed at the size of his equipment, after being sat next to Japanese photographers for the Palestine game in Newcastle last Friday. His hand held point and shoot was dwarfed by their twelve inch lenses, and he snuck off into the stands to watch the second half.

His photography prowess has been questioned before. He likes to concentrate and watch the games without interruption. This was noticed by an official who asked him why he hadn’t taken any photos!

After the match I met John and we headed the 20k back into Sydney by the free train (courtesy of our match tickets). Ironically the only cheap thing I have found so far is the travel.

We decided to go for a drink after the match, and exited the train at Central Station and wandered until we found somewhere. We had been there for about twenty minutes when Dave walked in with another acquaintance.

Nick, also has a press pass and works/worked for a famous Daily Newspaper back home, but I think you are unlikely to find any recent articles by him.


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